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Frequently Asked Questions

  • The cost of a Love Lamp?
    The prices of lamps has not been set at this time. Contact John - he will email when the prices are finalised.
  • Can I order a Love Lamp before they go on sale?
    Yes. You can place an order for any lamp in the website. When the pricing is finalised you will be contacted by email. Once you confirm the order, John will then create your unique artwork. A photograph of your lamp will be sent to you. Payment will only be requested after you have confirmed that you are happy with your new lamp.
  • Can Love Lamps be purchased outside Australia and New Zealand
    Overseas customers are welcome. Love Lamps can be posted anywhere in the wold however Love Lamps are not not shipped with electrics. LED globes are therefore not included, but can be easily assembled at your end. For details chat to John via the contact page in this site
  • What materials are used in a Love Lamp
    Love Lamps use only quality components. Your Love lamp has a canvas paper barrel which creates a lovely sheer surface with low opacity. The canvas paper is very robust. We use a combination of stained plywood and laminated MDF. The lamp has a solid base which houses the LED downlight. We use quality stainless nuts and bolts.
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